SHARK Skidplate, CF MOTO 850 Long

SHARK Skidplate, CF MOTO 850 Long
SHARK Skidplate, CF MOTO 850 Long
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Shark Aluminum Chassis Full Skid Plate Set

Shark Aluminum Full Chassis Skid Plate Set is the best way to protect your ATV from undercarriage damage. Made from strong and light-weight aluminum, Shark chassis skid plate will ward off rocks that could ruin your frame, A-arms or damage the engine case. Provided with access holes and cutouts to allow you to maintain and clean your ATV without removing the skid plate.


  • Protects undercarriage and A-Arms of your ATV from rocks or stones
  • Constructed from strong and lightweight 4 mm aluminum alloy
  • Includes: full frame skid plate with floorboard protection, front & rear A-Arm guards, front & rear bash plate
  • Access holes for easy maintenance
  • Cutouts allow easy cleaning
  • All mounting hardware included​

All SHARK Skid Plates are anodized!
What does it mean anodized? Aluminum anodizing is the electrochemical process of surface treatment that provides very effective protection against corrosion. Anodizing forms a layer of aluminum oxide that protects the aluminum beneath.  Aluminum oxide forms a stable layer of anodized coating that protects aluminum from corrosion and further oxidation. Besides corrosion resistance, anodizing increases also scratch and mechanical abrasion resistance of treated surfaces. Total product life span of anodized product also substantially increases.

Manufacturer: Shark Accessories
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