Warranty Policy

If you happen to experience the inconvenience of defect occurring on purchased product during warranty period, provided the defect was not caused by improper use or care, but as a result of product failure, you have the right to claim this product. In such case you should claim product without undue delay after discovery of the defect.

Warranty period should not be confused with usual service life of the product, i.e. with period, during which, providing the proper use and care, the product may be in service with its usual characteristics.

How to claim

1. Print and completely fill in the warranty form. Warranty form can be found and downloaded after Log in, on www.aspshop.cz/ Warranty.
    This form contains all relevant information required for the smooth processing of your claim.
2. In Warranty form fill your name, address and contact details.
    Include also your bank account number for the event that defect will not be removable and the product is no longer available.
    Describe your problem in full detail. For better explanation you can draw a schematic drawing onto printed form.
3. Sign completed form and place it to the box with claimed goods.
     - Claimed goods must be sent complete with all components, manuals, warranty cards and packaging just as you received it.
       You cannot claim defective part only.
     - Products sent for repair must be cleaned prior to sending.
     - If this is the nature of things impossible, the goods must be sent in original package
     - The consignment must be accompanied by a copy of proof of purchase - invoice, printed and signed claim form.
     - Claimed product must be properly packed to ensure damage-free transport.
     - Box must be clearly marked with words “WARRANTY - ESHOP” and your home address.

Unless we receive all of the above documents/information, it is not possible to proceed your warranty. Warranty procedure can start only after receiving of all requested documents/information.
Shipments, from which it is not clear why they were sent, will be returned to sender. No Claims will be accepted by phone.

4. Your claim will be processed as soon as possible. Warranty Dept. will issue “Decision on Warranty”, usually within 3 business days after receiving claimed goods. Subsequent complaint procedure will be assessed promptly. “Decision on Warranty” means notification, whether claim will be accepted or not.

5. We will inform you of the results of the examination of your complaint by telephone or email.
    In the event of accepted warranty you will be, depending to your preferred method of settlement:
         - sent repaired product
         - sent new product
         - refund purchase price in full
     If defect cannot be remedied and product is no longer available, we will transfer purchase price in full on your bank account.
     Therefore please state account number correctly, including dashes and slashes.
     No money refund per Postal orders.

When Does the Warranty Not Apply?
Undocumented purchases: Items without a detailed and dated receipt/proof-of-purchase.
Modified product
Improperly maintained product.
Normal wear and tear, such as fading, fraying, or fatigue.
Improper use, including, but not limited to, disregard of instructions, loading the product excessively, subjecting the product to transport damage. If you drop anything hard enough, it may break - that's not a defect.
Products not purchased through www.aspshop.cz
Issues not reported or product not returned until outside the two-year warranty. Please note that the warranty starts from the date of purchase, not the date of gifting or start of use.

Warranty processing of ASPshop.cz conforms to laws, Codes and Acts effective in the Czech Republic. The deadline for warranty settlements, pursuant to Act No. 634/1992 Coll., is thirty (30) calendar days.

Warranty procedure subjects to following Codes of Czech Republic:
Warranty processing for a buyer, who is the end user (consumer) proceeds according to:
    Czech Consumer Protection Act
    Czech Civil Code
Warranty processing for a buyer, who is not the end customer (consumer) proceeds according to:
    Czech Commercial Code

In case of warranty related problems, please contact our warranty staff. Contact details can be found on the website www.aspgroup.cz.

Delivery address for claimed goods:
ASP Group s.r.o.
Warranty Dept.
Namesti 13
267 53 Zebrak

Download ASP Group s.r.o. Warranty Claim Form