How to shop on online store

Secure On-line Shopping


In the online store you can shop either anonymously, without registration, or as a registered user, with user account.
If you have been already shopping here and you are already registered, just enter your user name and password. Once your personal data is saved, system will automatically fill all related forms when you visit the login page again.

Registered users
Registered users can use advanced features of our online store such as order summary, downloading invoices in electronic form, order tracking etc.

Unregistered users
You do not have to register to shop on However we recommend you to do so, since as registered user you can benefit from advanced features. Unregistered users for example cannot view current status of their orders etc.

Finding what you want
Shopping in our e-shop is very simple. Depending on your choice you can search our product catalogue by Categories or by Brands.

Product Search

In the left column on each page you will find our product search tool. We have divided wide range of products into many categories and subcategories to make the search easier for you. You can search/browse by 'Product' or by 'Brand'.

Product Search using Search box
Find the right product even more quickly - you can simply type your text into the search box.
Search box is located at the top right of every page on your website.
You can search by keyword or by part number or product code. You can even enter multiple keywords, separated by spaces.

Product Search by Brand and Model
Another way to find the product you are looking for is Search by Brand and Model.
Just click on the desired manufacturer’s logo in the middle of the home page to select brand, then choose your model. Your search will be limited to that specific model only.

Buying a product

If you wish to buy an item, simply click the "BUY" button for that item to add it into your shopping cart. Before doing so, do not forget to enter the quantity you wish to purchase. You may then choose to continue shopping, or proceed to the checkout area. Click on "Show Cart" in the pop up window or on Cart icon on top of the page to display the cart contents and product availability. Check if you really have everything you need. If not, you can return to shop, if yes, you can proceed to the checkout area.

Note: In order to add items to your shopping cart you must have cookies enabled in your Internet browser.

Discount Vouchers

If you want to use your discount voucher, enter the voucher code and click on
"Use Discount" button.


In the next step simply fill in your personal details and delivery address, and choose preferred delivery and payment method. If you've shopped with us before and you are logged in, the necessary information required for the order is filled in automatically by the system.
If you want, you can also opt for "Additional services" and choose “Deliver complete order only” option. In this option you specify, that you will prefer complete delivery of an order, and you want to wait until all items from your order are available for shipping.
If you have special requests, please let us know in “Additional information for dealers“.
If you want, you can also add your internal order number into appropriate box.

Check your order
Your Shopping cart shows, which items you have chosen to buy. If you wish, you can add additional items by returning to the shop or you can change the quantity of each item you wish to purchase. If you need to remove a product from shopping cart, you can either enter 0 quantity, or click on the red cross or click on “Empty Shopping Cart” button.

Before finishing your order please double-check carefully that all the details relating to your order are correct, in particular ordered items, sizes, ordered quantity, billing address, delivery address, etc.)

If everything is fine, you can complete the order. Click on "Send Order" button. After receiving your order, automated order confirmation with the order number will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

Quick Order

You can use Quick Order Form if you know the catalog/part numbers for the items you wish to order.
Enter product code and ordered quantity into text field, and confirm item by clicking on green checkmark. Price and availability of item will appear.
After adding new line you can enter next item.
When you are ready, send your order to the Cart, where you can complete your order.


Payment Information

Methods of Payment

When shopping on you can use the following methods of payment:
- Cash on delivery
- Bank transfer
- PayU payment gateway
- PayPal

Customers from Slovakia can pay:
- by Cash on delivery
- by Bank transfer (our bank account in the Slovak Republic is in Euro, therefore you are not paying as for foreign payment)
- by PayU payment gateway
- by PayPal

Cash on delivery

One of the most highly practiced payment methods when you pay for the goods upon handover. Cash payment is given at the time of delivery to the representative of delivery service.
Bank transfer - International Payments
If you'd like to pay via international bank transfer, please make sure the payment is sent to the following account numbers. As a variable symbol please use invoice number that you will receive on your e-mail address. Your order will be shipped as soon as we have received and verified the payment.

Account Numbers for International Payments:

Payments in USD:  
IBAN: CZ3203000000000213538998
Bank: CSOB a.s., Czech Republic

Payments in EUR:
IBAN: SK8875000000004007376922
Bank: CSOB a.s., Slovak Republic

Bank transfer - Slovak Republic
If you'd like to pay by bank transfer (in EUR) from Slovak Republic, please make payment to CSOB account number 4007376922/7500. As a variable symbol use invoice number that you will receive from us on your e-mail. Your order will be sent out as soon as we have received and verified the payment.

Payments by PayU gateway are increasingly used to pay in e-shops, ensuring rapid online payments with high level of security. Whole process takes less than 60 seconds! PayU system enables you to pay through the gateway located directly on ASP website. You can pay using VISA, MasterCard or Maestro cards, payment is convenient, quick and safe.
(Note: Contact your bank or card issuer to make sure you can use your card for internet payments)

PayPal - Secure, Convenient, Easy Online Payment option. Once you have completed your order, you will be redirected to gateway in order to complete the payment.

In case of electronic payment, please remember to pay total cost including shipping. Sometimes it happens, that the customer only pays price of the goods, but not for delivery costs. In such cases we cannot ship your order until we contact you, and then we have to wait for the rest of the payment. Such shippings may be delayed.