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Affordable handguards constructed of molded polypropylene, durable and lightweight, mounting with 2 fixed points, indexed steel bar-end insert mounts, includes universal mounting hardware, price for set, polypropylene PA 6.6
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ACERBIS Hand Guards Rally Profile - black


ACERBIS Hand Guards Rally Profile - black
Cod produs:0013057.090
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Acerbis Rally Profile Handguards

Constructed of molded polypropylene, the affordable Rally Profile provides strength and durability without excess weight.

  • Durable and lightweight handguards at an economical price
  • Secure mounting with 2 fixed points
  • Work with hydraulic clutch systems and cable clutches with on-the-fly adjustment wheels
  • Mounts to the handlebar by cutting off end of each grip and the throttle tube to install bar inserts
  • Plenty of room for cables and brake lines
  • Indexed steel bar-end insert mounts solid and will not allow guard to rotate in a crash
  • Includes universal mounting hardware
  • Price for set

Material: polypropylene PA 6.6

Made by Acerbis